For its latest installation, the Spanish studio Luz Interruptus have filled 3,000 condoms with water and light to “highlight the vital need of water.” [Dezeen]

French artist Valérie Belin, known for her images of flowers and black-and-white portraits, has been named the winner of the Pictet Photography Prize. She’ll now receive $100,000. [Artforum]
Claims that the art market has grown dramatically have now been proven—a 60-page Citi report found that annual art sales have gone up some $13 billion dollars in the past 15 years. [Business Insider]

n a landmark exhibition, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art will show important work by Pollock and Warhol, among others, from its massive collection. Much of the art hasn’t been seen since 1979. [Vanity Fair]

Liu Yiqian may now be the proud owner of Amedeo Modigliani’s record-breaking Nu Couché, but he also owns other expensive items, like a $36.3 million “chicken cup” from the Ming Dynasty. [Mashable]

Singapore’s art scene is thriving, but you’ll have to be unafraid to step away from the mainstream offerings to find out where the action is. [CNBC]

At the Castello di Ama, in a medieval Italian village, visitors can drink wine while looking at art by Louise Bourgeois, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and others. [CNN]

Alison Knowles isn’t the only person to make salad as performance art now—the Getty Center, in Los Angeles, will be doing it, too. [Smithsonian]

Matthis Altmann at Halle für Kunst Lüneburg. [Contemporary Art Daily]

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