Pavel Mylnikov was born in Moscow on 14 August 1978.

  • 1989-1996 Moscow State Academic Art Lyceum named after V.I. Surikov
  • 1996-2002 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov
  • Since 2002 a member of Moscow Art Union

Repeated participant of Russian and International Art exhibitions.
Pavel Mylnikov’s works are located in the private collections in Russia, America and Europe.

Mylnikov – the sculptor who is able to surprise, working with different materials in different styles: from realism to surrealism staying recognizable and authentic at the same time. In the author’s sculpture and painting there is not only the inner world of the creator but the comprehensive beginning where everyone can see the reflection of his own world. One of the main tendencies of sculptor’s and painter’s creative search is the appearance of new shapes and colors in volume and plane.

Bronze, wood, stone sculpture, Mylnikov’s painting – is the variety of man-made senses, ideas and forms.

Pavel Mylnikov’s works are keeping in touch with the present but have no limits in sides: his works are out of time addressingto enduring values. Probably, that’s why Pavel Mylnikov is widely asked-for as a private sculptor, hearing the client masterly and makes his ideas trough natural materials and colors.